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SMS Text Messaging

Communicating by text

The surgery is increasing using text messages for appointment reminders, immunization reminders, health promotion, surgery feedback, changes to clinics etc. We want to improve communication with our patients. We hope too that if patients do not need to ring for their results, patients will be able to ring reception more easily when they need to.

How to opt out of receiving text messages

Please email us at or call us on 0117 9082360 to tell us if you do not wish to receive communications from us by text.  Unfortunately we cannot partially opt you in or out of these services.  For example,  if you do not want to receive any communication regarding test results via text we also can no longer send you appointment reminders.

Information regarding texting of results

Your  GP would like a to be able to communicate test results with you by SMS text. This allows us to let you know about important tests quickly. You will not always receive texts for all tests taken.

  • On occasion it may not be appropriate to communicate details of your results by text so we may text you asking you to call the surgery to discuss your results

  • Your GP may look at your results in the evening so you may receive a late text. This does not indicate a problem with your result.

  • Some test results arrive from the laboratory quicker than others so there may be gaps between results and so you may receive a number of separate texts as these are reviewed.

  • Some results will be normal and will not require any action. Others may not be normal and you may be asked to contact the surgery to discuss the results with a member of our team.

  • If you have not received a text regarding your results, please ring for your results at 1 week

Although we will check your details when bloods are taken, please note it is your responsibility to let us know if you change your personal details/mobile number.


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