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Registering with the Practice

You can register with us by either coming to the practice to collect our registration and information pack, or you can download the forms below and complete them before coming to the surgery.

There are practical reasons why we might need to be assured that people are who they say they are, or to check where they live. Seeing some form of ID will help to ensure the correct matching of a patient to the NHS central patient registry, thereby ensuring any previous medical notes are passed onto us.

Please can you also fill out our patient questionnaire as this will help us with your medical history until your records are received from your previous practice.

Providing you live within our practice area as shown here or on the map displayed in our reception, you can register with us.  It's easy! Simply call into the Surgery and complete a registration form for each patient. On completion of the form, and with proof of your current address, you and your family will be registered onto our computer system and will be eligible for medical assistance straight away.  Your medical records will be automatically transferred by the Primary Care Support Agency from your previous practice. 

How to register at the practice

If you are over 16 years of age, you must come to the surgery in person and ask at reception. You must have proof of identity which shows the address that we have you registered at.

How to register for online access to services

Once your identity has been confirmed, you will be given a document which will contain a Personal Identification Number, Personal Access Number and instructions on how to register on the website for the service. For the security of both yourself and the practice, you must not disclose this information to anyone else.

Children under 18 cannot register for this service. See below how to book an appointment for them. 

Temporary Residents  

We provide a Temporary Patient service for anyone staying within our Practice area.  This could be whilst on holiday, staying with relatives etc.  Just call into the Surgery, fill in one of our Temporary Resident Forms and we will assist you.

Registering Patients who live outside of our Practice Area

New arrangements introduced from January 2015 give people greater choice when choosing a GP practice. Patients may approach any GP practice, even if they live outside the practice area, to see if they will be accepted on to the patient list.

GP practices have always had the ability to accept patients who live outside their practice area. Regardless of distance from the practice, the practice would still provide a home visit if clinically necessary.

The new arrangements mean GP practices now have the option to register patients who live outside the practice area but without any obligation to provide home visits.

Out of area registration (with or without home visits) is voluntary for GP practices meaning patients may be refused because they live out of area.  This practice will consider applications from patients who wish to remain registered here but who have moved outside of our practice boundary on a case by case basis.
If your application is considered the GP practice will only register you without home visits if it is clinically appropriate and practical in your individual case.

To do this we may:

  • Ask you questions about your health to help decide whether to register you in this way.
  • Ask you questions about why it is practical for you to attend this practice (for example, how many days during the week you would normally be able to attend) now that you live outside of our practice boundary.

If accepted, you will attend the practice and receive the full range of services provided as normal at the surgery. If you have an urgent care need and the surgery cannot help you at home we may ask you to call NHS 111 and they will put you in touch with a local service (this may be a face to face appointment with a local healthcare professional or a home visit where necessary).

We may decide that it is not in your best interests or practical for you to be registered in this way. In these circumstances we may offer you registration with home visits, for example, if you live just outside the practice area or we may not register you and advise you should seek to register with a more local practice.

If accepted but your health needs change we may review your registration to see if it would be more appropriate for you to be registered with a GP practice closer to your home.

This new arrangement only applies to GP practices and patients who live in England. For further information visit the NHS website (


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